You Never Satisfy Me

27. října 2008 v 17:24 | robik888 |  Ostatní
Excuse me sir, do I have your attention
there's something if you don't mind I'd like to mention
so open those ears, sit your butt down and shut your mouth
I'm aware that it's hard for you to do that
all I ask is lay down, put your feet up
now soak in, pay attention, learn a lesson loud and clear

Hey, you're a dirty liar
you wronged me out for something I thought was right
I wanted to be left alone
not shown around like your golden prize
oh, I looked around
look what happened, you found out
you never satisfy me

Never trusted anyone in the first place,
you turned me up, your disgusting anyway
hear that music, crank it up
is there something familiar in the singers voice
turn it down, now listen to me
what made you think you were my authority
I'm awake, finally, I'm able to move on (just gotta tell the truth)


Now do these word stick to you, hope they do
think about it, think about it
stick to you like superglue, keep you from the things you do

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